Testimonials - Why work with me?

Why work with me?

As a Life Coach and a Professional Coach

  • N Bird - January 21, 2019, Naomi was a client of Austin’s

 I have enjoyed working with Austin over recent months where he has provided excellent coach mentoring support that has allowed me to view my behaviours through a different lens. He has challenged my thinking whilst also supporting me to develop practical solutions that make a real difference to the way I interpret and experience situations. Through his coaching methods, Austin has helped me to develop my confidence, gain clarity and set clear goals for the future. If you have the opportunity to work with Austin I would certainly recommend it.

  • S Rudkin - April 18, 2018, Susy was a client of Austin’s 

Austin has a clear, honest and direct approach to coaching. This coupled with integrity, patience, and a calm and grounding presence, makes him the ideal coach for any individual or business. Austin took the time to get to know me as an individual, he listened carefully, and he believed in me... even when I didn't believe in myself. At the same time, he encouraged me to think bigger, to push myself, to go beyond what I felt was comfortable and/or even possible. As a result, I launched a successful new business and began collaborating with others to develop a second, more ambitious one. Thank you Austin. Who knew work and life could be such fun?